Design concepts for future humane, digital-free architecture Nick has been enamored with Ancient Architecture since kindergarten.

He explored The Parthenon solo at Seventeen. Working as a carpenter’s assistant during summers in college, he gained hands on experience in construction. He graduated Skidmore College with a B.A. in English Literature and a Minor in History, embracing the Humanities with design. He then lived amongst the Art Deco skyscrapers of Manhattan for three years,
gaining an Aspirational aesthetic.

Returning to his native Vermont, he designed and contracted a house in the mountains dubbed, The Fortress. The Fortress combines advances both old and new; ancient proportions pattern copious amounts of glass.

He spearheaded a community park in Hanover N.H., turning a garbage lot into a pastoral setting.

Nick designed and contracted a Granite Exedra on Dartmouth College Campus modeled after the sitting areas of late 19th century America.

After excelling in all three tiers of Structural Engineering at The Boston Architectural College, he designed, engineered, and contracted a Bridge spanning the first branch of the White River in Chelsea, Vermont.

His most recent completed project, Apex, is a livable structure atop a mountain. Precise azimuth considerations, controlled dynamite, and advanced lightening protection all contributed to this classical structure with a forward-looking ethos.

He is currently drafting and engineering plans for The Tower as well as other Bridges– and like his former works– adhere to the Fabrikant principles of design.


Design concepts for future humane, digital-free architecture